Dark Harajuku Styles w/ Never Mind the XU, Demonia, Glad News & UNIF

Baek and Kasumi caught our eye on Takeshita Dori in Harajuku after dark. They both work at the popular Harajuku boutique Never Mind the XU.

19-year-old Kasumi – on the left with blue hair – is wearing a resale hoodie over a t-shirt from Faith, resale wide leg pants, and Demonia platform boots. Accessories include round glasses, a lip piercing, and a chain wallet. Kasumi’s favorite shops include Faith, Kinsella, and Pin Nap. She likes the music of Ikon. Find her on Instagram for more pics.

17-year-old Baek – on the right with a blonde bob hairstyle – is wearing a leather jacket and top from Zara with a Glad News mini skirt and UNIF platform sandals with socks. Accessories – which came from Never Mind the XU – include a massive o-ring necklace, a nose ring, a harness garter, and a quilted Chanel chain purse. Baek’s favorite shop is Never Mind the XU. Follow her on Instagram for more pics and info.

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