Dazzy Store: One Stop Shop For Tokyo Hostesses

All hail Tokyo’s hard-working hostesses! Marvel at how they push clothing and make-up to the limit in order to bring fantasy to life! Be dazzled by the overwhelming visual power of their sparking attire and accessories!

Okay, so not everyone shares my admiration of hostess and kyabajyo (“cabaret girls”). Think what you will about the idea of women paid to provide men with drinks, conversation, and companionship (of the non-sexual variety, it should be noted). But the hostess club industry has substantial cultural roots in Japan and revolves around a unique and colorful world of fashion all its own.

Thousands of hostess clubs exist in the Tokyo area alone. The most elite and expensive ones are located in the Ginza and the Tokyo Midtown districts. Meanwhile, Shinjuku’s sleepless Kabukicho district offers so many clubs that an entire cottage industry has sprung up around them. Kabukicho’s back streets are filled with stores that cater exclusively to hostesses – including open-all-night hair salons, photography studios, and numerous boutiques that sell the gorgeous long dresses and shorter party dresses that form the backbone of a hostess’s work uniform.

Dazzy Store Hostess Fashion

With a retail store located in the heart of Kabukicho, Dazzy Store bills itself as the “No. 1 dress store”. They carry everything from 450 yen nude bras, to elaborate wigs and hair extensions, and (of course) fake eyelashes aplenty. In order to give you a better sense of what hostess fashion is all about, here’s a breakdown of the current top 5 best selling items at the Dazzy Store’s online shop.

Dazzy Store Hostess Fashion

The most popular item at Dazzy Store is the “Giri Giri SEXY Saizensen” (“Cutting-edge Outer Limit SEXY”) slit long dress. A bold and eye-popping creation that exposes dangerous curves with the help of a blinged-out belt, it is available in four colors of 3,980 yen. The model is Sayo Hayakawa, a face familiar from that bible of style for “little devils”, Koakuma ageha magazine. Dazzy Store advertises heavily in the pages of this publication, shares models, and even bills their web store as a “Koakuma dress online shop.”

Dazzy Store Hostess Fashion

The number two ranked item may not be an article of clothing, but it is still an indispensable part of a hostess’s beauty arsenal: color contacts! Dazzy Store offers multiple variations – including colors such as dark grey, bright brown, sunset violet, ash green, and aqua blue – of YU-KA brand reusable lenses for 2,980 yen per pair. Approved by the Japanese Ministry of Health (I am not making this up)!

Dazzy Store Hostess Fashion

Number 3 is another long dress stunner called “Kira Kira Rose” (“Glittering Rose”), available in black and white variations for 3,980 yen. Dazzy Store’s product description notes that the high-waist can help give the impression of longer legs (something body-conscious hostesses tend to covet) while the open back features ruffled highlights at the bottom. It is modeled by Rina Sakurai, another Koakuma ageha regular who keeps busy with a singing career, acting work, and by making recent appearances as herself in full hostess regalia in Sega’s YAKUZA video game series.

Dazzy Store Hostess Fashion

Long dresses with traditional Japanese motifs are popular at hostess clubs, which helps explains how this one-shoulder “Oiran Bijin” (“Beautiful Courtesan”) slit dress made 4th place on the ranking. Available in six colors – and awash in details ranging from birds of paradise to blooming flowers – it connects the world of the modern day hostess to the sexuality and theatricality of the oiran courtesans who predated the geisha during Japan’s Edo period (1600–1868 A.D.). All this for a mere 3,980 yen…

Dazzy Store Hostess Fashion

The irrepressible Sayo Hayakawa is back to model the final item in the dazzling Dazzy Store top five: “Number Jyo no Hinkaku” (“Prestigious Number Girl”); a long dress made of stretch satin with a shining waist available in five colors for 3,980 yen. Fun fact: a “number jyo” is a hostess in the running for a club’s coveted “number one” spot; a position based on popularity and earnings. One figures this dress will at least give you a shot at the title, especially when paired with the hairstyle, makeup, clear heels, deco nails, and the proper set of color contacts displayed here.

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Article by Patrick Macias, photos courtesy of Dazzy Store.

About the author:
Patrick Macias is the owner of media company jaPRESS and the author of “Japanese Schoolgirl Inferno: Tokyo Teen Fashion Subculture Handbook” (Chronicle Books). He has written for a variety of publications in the US and Japan including Wired, Studio Voice, and Weekly ASCII. His blog can be found online at patrickmacias.blogs.com.

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  1. I’m not quite sure what I think about hostess clubs, really. I mean, it’s much better that being a prostitute, but somehow I can’t help feeling, that men who go there are either wussies who can’t get a “real” girl or men who don’t care about their wives anymore. I wouldn’t feel good if I heard that my bf wanted to go to a hostess club. If there was one in my country. Then again, what more are the hostesses than actors? What difference is there with me going “AWWWW!” with Sleepless in Seattle or the taiwanese production of The Rose and with men looking for love in hostess clubs?

    Aside form that, I so wish I had that Oiran Bijin -dress. It’d not look quite as good on me, as I’m rather curvaceous and short, but I still love the dress.

    On a side note, the “high waist makes your legs look longer” only works if you have skinny hips. Been there, done that, and I only looked shorter with my wide hips and small waist.

  2. yeah…its pretty naive to think that hostess work remains nonsexual. prostitution isnt glamorous and neither are these dresses. looks like the girls are going to prom at Tacky High.

  3. Especially- especially– considering the low status that women still have in japanese society. as much as i loved living in japan, it was/ is a terrible place to be female.gender roles in japan are where america’s were back in the 1950s: be a housewife, be a secretary, but above all, be skinny and get married, because pleasing a man is the best you can hope to achieve in life.

    the last thing we need to do is celebrate teenage girls being paid to fawn over older, married business men. “the oldest business” on earth, i know. but not an uplifting one.

  4. i love hostesses too! lol. well, not really… but one day, i’m gonna wear a hostess dress!! lol!

  5. i completely agree with u sam. i mean seriously whats to admire about women who have gone so low in life they serve men to get money?

  6. idk, it doesnt really bother me, not every man can find a girl. :l id go to 1 if i had the chance (of course, a male host club). lol. if this is the path they’ve chosen for themselves, so be it. no need to diss it. :D

  7. I like hostess clubs. Insteed of being a prostitute, you can work at a hostess club, and you have to agree thats alot better. And there is host clubs, a version with males, there’s not only female working with this.s