Designer’s Forever21 Sweater with Zara Shorts & Booties

This friendly, stylish girl is Ayumi, a 24-year-old fashion designer. Her outfit includes a rust-colored blazer and a hand knit sweater from Forever21. She’s also wearing shorts from Zara, blue fishnet stockings and short black suede boots from Zara.

Ayumi’s handmade accessories include a large pin that says “Londo” and a small leather clutch. She’s also wearing a unique ring with a handwritten caption that says “Don’t forget! I’ll surely be happy one day!!”

We asked Ayumi about her favorite place to shop and her answer was Forever21. She also told us that her favorite type of music is rock.

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  1. I absolutely LOVE her outfit, I would never imagine putting those clothes together, and they work flawlessly!

    @TokyoFashion: I do think the “Londo” was actually supossed to be “London” but the “N” broke off…

    Its clear why she’s a fashion designer! Love her blue stockings :D

  3. Agree w/ lindenwatt. Also, first time to see your model with braces :)