Devilish Designers in Harajuku w/ Colorful Hair, Spikes & Studs

Cindy and Franky are the designers/owners of the popular-in-Harajuku accessory brand Devilish. You might recognize them from appearances on various fashion websites or from our previous Tokyo street snaps. If you aren’t familiar with their brand, check out the official Twitter or Instagram.

Cindy – on the left with orange and pink hair – is wearing a Devilish bondage bear t-shirt with Devilish bear-print shorts, Avantgarde Harajuku (her favorite shop) tights, and studded sneakers with colorful cutout socks. Accessories – almost all of which came from Devilish – include a star choker, cutout rings, a studded bracelet, a Vivienne Westwood armband, and a snakeskin backpack. Cindy is active on Twitter and Instagram.

Franky – on the right with yellow hair – is wearing a colorful gummy print (check the closeup shot) Devilish top and matching shorts, dollar sign socks, and Converse sneakers with leather straps. Accessories – all from Devilish – include a leather harness iPhone holder, an iPhone case with the same print as his shirt/shorts, a leather wristband, and a Devilish bondage bear tote bag.

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  1. Cannot get over that print, I will prolly be grinning for the rest of the day :D ! (Those are gummy worm candies, rite?)

  2. BryceRae'sean

    So I noticed it wasn’t candy on his shirt and pants, but …dildos!