Dir en Grey Fan w/ h.NAOTO, Dark Makeup & Queen Bee Shoes in Harajuku

When met 22-year-old Kurosan on the street in Harajuku, she told us that she’s a big fan of the Japanese rock band Dir en Grey. Her detailed dark outfit and striking dark makeup caught our eye right away.

Most of what she’s wearing comes from her favorite shop, h.NAOTO: the lace shirt, corset belt, layered maxi skirt, scales hat, tote bag, a chain that runs between her earring and lip piercings, a silver armor ring, a pocket watch necklace, and various other pieces of gothic jewelry. Her double strap platform high heeled shoes are from Queen Bee.

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  1. Really love this steampunk’ish look. I really admire peeps who put a big effort into looking gorgeous, just like her :)

  2. bang fashionista

    very cool the chain connected her earring and her lips…amazing!