Harajuku Gothic Style w/ Mask, Atelier Boz & Alchemy Gothic

Akira is 24 years old and immediately caught our eye in Harajuku with a beautiful gothic style in tones of black and burgundy.

Akira is wearing a burgundy velvet coat from Atelier Boz with wide leg pants, a plaid shirt and a lace tie. Barely visible are a pair of lace-up shoes with a chunky heel. Covering the face is an animal print mask from Algonquins, and there are lots of accessories to be noticed, most of which are from Alchemy Gothic: an oversized black hair pin, chandelier earrings, a watch pendant, a pistol and skull necklace, bracelets, snake and claw rings, arm warmers and, of course, the briefcase-style handbag.

Akira’s favorite band is indisputably Dir En Grey.

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