Chami’s Cute Double Bun Hairstyle & 6%DOKIDOKI Accessories

Here’s Chami, a cutely dressed Harajuku girl who we snapped on the street in Tokyo. Chami is on the organizing committee of the Harajuku Fashion Walk, and is featured in our HFW documentary movie.

Chami’s wearing a pink cardigan over a flower-pattern dress from Hanna Andersson, pink striped stockings, and black flats with gold bows. Accessories – most of which came from Harajuku’s 6%DOKIDOKI – include sparking hair bow & star clips, danging star earrings, a dolphin-in-heart necklace, a cute letter bracelet, and a “Doki Doki” (in katakana) ring. Her braided double bun hairstyle – with pom poms at the end of each bun – also add to the overall cuteness of the look.

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  1. I love this whole outfit!! But especially her earrings ^_^

  2. i love her!!! X3 what a cute and colorful look! <3