Dragon Jacket w/ Jimsinn Jeans & Yosuke Platforms in Harajuku

This is Kaoru, a 20-year-old girl with rocker style we often see in Harajuku. She is a Kera Magazine reader model and the designer of her own brand S. Kaoru.

Kaoru is wearing a Rolling Stones graphic t-shirt and a dragon jacket, both of which were bought resale from Kinji. Her high waist jeans are from Jimsinn, worn with a belt. Her bag is a resale and her patent platforms with pink laces are Yosuke. She is also wearing Shibuya 109 accessories, including a Seiko watch, bracelets, rings and a flames print headscarf.

Kaoru likes to shop at Jimsinn, and she’s a fan of West Side Coasters. Find out more about her on Twitter or Instagram.

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  1. Cool outfit combination, very spicy but not too much to make it seem like your really begging for a huge amount of attention. cool but spicy!!