Dreadlocks, Ear Spike and Ripped Denim in Harajuku

This cool Japanese guy is a 20-year-old student named Koh. He’s wearing several layers of clothing, some of it from Skin, including ripped black jeans, a patchwork skirt, a graphic t-shirt and a black sweatshirt that he’s wearing upside down. His black shoes are from George Cox.

Koh’s accessories include a studded leather pouch from resale. He’s also carrying a larger Boy London bag. His ear jewelry consists of a black spike in one ear and a pair of rings and a stud in the other. His hair is as unique as his clothing, with dreadlocks on top combined with shaved black hair and long blonde hair.

Koh said his favorite designer is Christopher Nemeth. He likes punk and hardcore music.
Dreadlocks, Ear Spike and Ripped Denim in Harajuku

Upside-down sweatshirt and studded bag

Dreadlocks and ear spike

Boy London bag

Ripped jeans and George Cox shoes

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  1. I love his ringgggggg I can’t find it anywhere!!!!!…..wanna it very much
    I think he looks really fashionated)))^_^

  2. Oh damn,this is really cool :D totally awesome
    Adore his sense of fashion<3

  3. WOW! I love everything about what he is wearing and how he styled it. He is fashionable from hair to toe. ^^;;

  4. Oh man,this guy is really hot! He didn’t even have to show his clothes, I would go just for his hair and his earrings…

  5. Oh maaaan… only asian ppl can make something like this… he looks gorgeous! I don’t know what to add about him – really love his style!

  6. Lady Caos

    I’m not fully convinced by the hair, but the rest is so AWESOME that I can forget that :).

  7. I’ve seen this guy on various style snap websites – he is one of the men that I see on these snap sites that I think have incredible and truly unique and amazing style that I have seen as of late.

  8. i love a man hu wears vivienne and im diggin’ him!!! love love

  9. i still can’t get enough of this guy and it’s been over a month since he was posted. does anyone know if he has a blog?