Eclectic Style from The Virgin Mary & Hello Kitty

Here’s 24-year-old Momo. He’s wearing several layers of clothing from The Virgin Mary vintage store, including a multi-colored patchwork robe, a gray and black shawl and white cotton pants. His shoes are white Nike sneakers with red trim and his white fabric tote bag is from Hello Kitty.

Momo’s accessories from Tarock and G2? include a yarn and fabric hair decoration, an earring decorated with hair and a Mickey Mouse necklace. He also has a retro plastic daisy pin on his bag and a pin from the Pocahontas cartoon on her shoe.

He told us his favorite places to shop are The Virgin Mary and Tarock. His favorite types of music are Anisong and Touhou Arrange.
Ecletic Style from The Virgin Mary & Hello Kitty

Patchwork robe & shawl from The Virgin Mary

Yarn & fabric hair decoration

Hello Kitty bag & retro daisy pin

Nike sneakers & Pocahontas pin

Flower-print shawl from The Virgin Mary

Earring made from hair

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  1. Good taste! Anisong and touhou :3
    his style is really cool, I love the vocaloid kitty bag, and his hair is really pretty too :)

  2. what a wonderful style! I love him, he looks so great <3

  3. can i hav that sailormoon shirt please!!!!!!!!!! <3

  4. Not really my cup of tea, but I must say he did a good work with the pattern chose. It looks messy, but at the same time, stills super unique and cool.

  5. He put a barbie doll head over his head. that’s nice (y)

  6. JamJammieJam

    This is very well done. It’s almost a play on what an otaku (it does NOT mean dork) actually is in Japan. I love it.

  7. I can,t believe it

    he is so coooooooooooooool

    I love his bag

    I want to have his style……

    but i can,t …. it is impossible ; (