Harajuku Students in Ekam, Damir Doma, Joyrich & Maison Martin Margiela

Hiromi and Mabataki caught our eye as they were walking in Harajuku, and we stopped them for some quick street snaps.

Hiromi is 16 and he’s a student. He is wearing layered Ekam and Damir Doma outerwear with resale skinny pants and Lithium Homme zipper boots. His clutch is from MM6 by Maison Martin Margiela, and he’s wearing a triple ring. He told us his accessories are from Vivienne Westwood and Damir Doma. He gave us his Twitter, and told us that he really likes SNSD.

Mabataki is also on Twitter, and she’s 17. She is a student with cute pastel hair, worn here with a dog cap and glasses. She’s wearing a black sweater, which was a gift from her grandmother, with resale bottoms and an oversized coat from Uniqlo. Her Bart Simpson tote bag is from Joyrich and her rocking horse shoes with cross ankle straps are from Tokyo Bopper. Mabataki is wearing accessories from Bunkaya Zakkaten and she told us that Joyrich is her favorite brand. As for music, she likes Creephyp best.

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  1. They both have such cute faces! Love Hiromi’s outfit :)!!

  2. All the yes. Jealousy is getting the best of me as I continue to look at dude’s outfit. So perfect. Girl is cute, too – liking her “wifi” tights.

  3. Victoria Moore

    Wow these two are really rocking their looks! They’re a very cute couple too.

  4. Wow. They both have really great fashion. And theyre both pretty cute ( and he has good taste in music)