Elleanor in Harajuku w/ Colorful Hair, Himitsu Kessya, Creamy Mami & Betty Boop

Elleanor is a 19-year-old Harajuku girl who we have been street snapping for over two years now. In addition to working at The Circus Harajuku and Kinji Harajuku, she recently started her own English-language YouTube video blog series “Elleanor’s Tokyo”.

When we street snapped Elleanor this time, she was wearing a resale Charlie Brown jacket over a Betty Boop top with a cloud print skirt by the indie Harajuku brand HIMITSU KESSYA and Cassette Playa x JuJu jelly shoes. Accessories include a Japanese flag headband, round glasses, lots of colorful badges (including Creamy Mami), a candy necklace, a colorful pouch purse, and cute nail art (including Scooby Doo). Elleanor’s pink and blue bob hairstyle is also hard to miss.

Elleanor’s favorite musical artist is Dempagumi.inc. For more info on Elleanor, follow her on Twitter, Instagram, or Tumblr.

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  1. She’s SOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!! I have that headband too!!! <3 <3 <3