Emily Temple Cute Girl in Tokyo

This Japanese girl with a cute bob hairstyle was photographed on the street in Shinjuku. She told us that she is an OL (which means, of course, “office lady”). She said that her entire bow & heart themed outfit – which consists of a beret with a bow on it, a purple cardigan sweater with white bows and a furry collar, a black dress with white lace trim, black stockings, shiny black pumps, a silver key necklace, and a black handbag with a big heart on it – came from the Japanese brand Emily Temple Cute. The third picture shows a closeup of her nail art – which features red bows and pink jewels – and the cute silver bow ring that she’s wearing.

We probably didn’t have to ask her to name her favorite fashion brand, but we did anyways and she told us…Emily Temple Cute! As far as music, she said she enjoys listening to Nakagauchi Masataka.

Emily Temple Cute

Looking Cute in Emily Temple

Cute Japanese Nail Art

Click any of the photos to see them in extreme cute mode (aka, higher resolution.)

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  1. I love this look so much! It’s much more “toned down” than the others I’ve seen, but it still has flair. It’s so classy and elegant!

  2. jesika lin

    very cute! i love the nails… agreed with @ zainab that its awesome to see designs on short nails and not freaky talons.
    i love the sweater! its so dainty yet also funky. has anyone seen the movie ‘wonder boys?’ part of the plot revolves around a fur-trimmed sweater that once belonged to marilyn monroe, and it ends up being worn by a pregnant woman who wears it in an adorable way, similar to this [also a great movie]. kudos! very chic.

  3. I love her outfit and I envy her for her ring and her necklace.. Yeah, want to see style like that in Germany, too..

  4. i LOVE her nails and the ring on her finger its so cute :D
    and the dress is very nice i like the style :]

    [p.s. that lady has a dog in her purse didnt know people did that]