Estonian Fashion Models In Harajuku w/ Winter Coats & Scarves

It would have been hard not to notice these two striking girls walking together in Harajuku. They’re both internationally-known Estonian fashion models. You may recognize them from their appearances in various Japanese fashion magazines.

To the left is Kadri Vahersalu. She’s wearing a belted coat with a chunky scarf and mittens. She’s got a green bag and red-accented Nike sneakers. Visit her on Tumblr to stay in touch.

The girl to the right is Helena Oun, she’s can be found on Twitter. Her outfit consists of a mini skirt and a furry vest, with an oversized scarf and bag. She is wearing biker boots and her hair is up in a bun.

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  1. Wow.. these young ladies travel far away from home at Estonia (north Europe) to be fashion models in Japan. Good for them !

  2. Dreaded_Queen

    Love the coats and purses. Hope they make it big!!

  3. How is this Japanese fashion? lol
    Anyway, just looking at the thumbnail I knew they were models. xD

  4. they look incredibly boring compared to all the exciting things we see on this page