Fafi x Faline Sweatshirt w/ Pameo Pose & Dr. Martens Buckle Boots in Harajuku

Remember YSK/Devil? He’s someone who we see around Harajuku often, and who we’ve snapped several times. When we met him this time, he was looking stylish, with gray hair and sunglasses. He is 18 years old and he’s a student.

Devil is wearing a Fafi x Faline white sweatshirt with a pair of navy pleated pants from American Apparel and Dr. Martens buckle boots. His tote bag is Pameo Pose and his rings are from Vivienne Westwood and Alice Black.

Faline Tokyo is Devil’s favorite shopping destination. If you want to know more about him, you can follow his popular Twitter feed.

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  1. He’s so perfect! And he has the same shoes as Juria, the ones I want soooo much :,)

  2. WestwoodBlues

    Ouch. Handsome. (great look btw, Vivienne Westwood & Dr Martens = perfect match) (Aaww, but this guy is really fuckin handsome !)

  3. Like Betty, I’ve seen Juria wearing the same boots and I’ve been wishing for a pair!

  4. christinpanda

    He looks like the male version of Juria Nakagawa. Very stylish and androgynous!