Fairy Kei Fashion Japanese Girl in Harajuku

This cute and colorful 18-year-old Japanese girl was photographed in the Harajuku area of Tokyo. Her name is Senon, and her style is in the Fairy Kei / Decora genre which some people associate with the famous Japanese street fashion magazine FRUiTS. She told us the brands she’s wearing – or the shops where she purchased the items – include 6%DokiDoki, Kinji, Broken Doll, Yuka★Yuka, and Nile Perch.

Her outfit consists of a huge hair bow in her pink hair, a light blue jacket over a multi-colored top, a pink backpack (with a Rat Fink doll attached to it), a yellow tulle skirt, sparkly striped tights, and black boots. Her accessories include various cute hair clips, large star earrings, costume jewelry necklaces, a strange furry doll with a bow tie, an ice cream cone, handcuffs, stuffed animals, pins, rings, bracelets, a pink and blue handbag, and a Daisy Duck cap.

She said that her favorite fashion brands/shops include Broken Doll, Yuka★Yuka (an indie accessories brand), and 6%DokiDoki. As far as music, she listens to PEEP★4U, Broken Doll, and Rondon Rats (great band name!)

Harajuku Fruits Style Girl

Broken Doll Japanese Fashion

Shiny Pink Backpack in Harajuku

Giant Pink Japanese Hair Bow

Daisy Duck Decora Style

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  1. The boots look SO out of place.
    But, this outfit is otherwise, Adorable.

  2. She looks like shes wearing circle lenses [hehe] but I like the outfit[so cute ><]

  3. someone said she looks like she is wearing circle lenses as if it was a bad thing … you’d be hard pressed to find any fashion-conscious girl in Japan who doesn’t wear them, and there’s nothing wrong with that at all.

  4. Bunnymoon

    ^_^ sooo kawaii! the over size hair bow and duck are just way too cute!

  5. omg i want that boots *-* anyone knows where to get them or similar ones??

  6. she has nice face and her clothes suits her…i like it even if i do not like duck head as bag :)

  7. Madonna Lily

    AAAAAHHHHHH, Now I know why their eyes look so great…most of them (Internet Japanese girls) use circle lenses!!!

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