Sato and Fumie are two fairy kei-loving Harajuku girls with pastel hair we met recently. Both of them are students, and they’re wearing white outfits and candy-colored accessories.

Sato is the one with blue hair, and she’s 20. She’s wearing a peter pan collar top from Harajuku fairy kei fashion brand Nile Perch, with a Body Line tutu. Her fuchsia transparent bag is also from Nile Perch, which is her favorite shop. She got her white mary-janes from Body Line, and accessorized with bead bracelets, a star necklace, and a 6%DOKIDOKI stars and beads hair clip. Sato told us she’s a fan of anisong (music from, anime).

Fumie is the girl with pink hair, and she’s 19. She is wearing a Nile Perch dress with a pink Ruvap bag and Body Line lolita shoes. She is also wearing star print tights, an umbrella, Hello Kitty ring and face mask, a knitted beanie, and a 6%DOKIDOKI stars and beads hair clip like Sato’s. She is also carrying a “With You, With Love” wand. Fumie’s favorite shop is Nile Perch as well, and she’s a fan of Radwimps. Find her on Twitter for more information.

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  1. love love love ..i have so much love for this style

  2. @Ma-yo – Now that you mention it, it does look like Little Twin Stars! :-)