Fairy Kei in Harajuku w/ Monascas Bananas Dress & Spank! Unicorn Backpack

This cute fairy kei-inspired girl is Natsuki, an 18-year-old student that we photographed in Harajuku. She told us that she’s wearing a floral sweater from Kinji and a short eyelet-trimmed dress from Monascas Bananas. She’s also wearing white tights printed with stars and ankle sock with ruffles. Her shoes, which are embellished with strawberries and hearts, are from Baby the Stars Shine Bright.

Natsuki’s accessories from Nile Perch and Spank! include a beaded necklace with a large silver key, two pink plastic rings and three beaded bracelets. She’s wearing a plush bunny crossbody bag and a cute unicorn backpack from Spank!

Natsuki told us her favorite sources for fashion are Spank! and Nile Perch. Her favorite music is by the Japanese rock band Sōtaisei Riron (which means “Theory of Relativity”).

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  1. SO MUCH CUTE!! <3

    That would look so good on me x]

  2. Silvermare

    I used to have a unicorn backpack very similar to that one. I loved it dearly. I miss it dearly.

    Her entire outfit is entirely too adorable! I hope she had a lot of fun with it that day. :)

  3. Sooo kawaii! (^_^) i wanna have this backpack too!!

  4. she looks like she’s been photographed b4…
    but, very cute outfit! (:

  5. ミ☆ツbonbon

    i love the whole ensemble, especially those super cute tights (๑´-`๑)♡

  6. she looks so cute theres no way i could ever pull that off but it suites her so well

  7. wow amazingly cute xox love the bunny pouch! i wish i could pull that off XD but id just look scary >> great outfit and photos!!