Fashion Buyer in Harajuku w/ Platform Nike, Coogi & Fendi

You may already know Li Lium, whom we’ve street snapped many times before. He is a buyer for WEGO’s Brand My Star, and we often see him walking around in Harajuku.

Li Lium is wearing a colorful coat by Coogi, which he bought from the Harajuku vintage shop Pin Nap, with Fendi logo print pants he bought at Brand My Star, and a Cross Colors hoodie from Mouse. His Nike Air platform sneakers are from Brand My Star, and he bought his Chanel necklaces from the same place. He is also wearing accessories from Old Stussy.

We asked Li about his favorite shopping destinations, and he told us he likes Brand My Star and WEGO Harajuku. Find him on Instagram for more info and pictures.

This snap was initially shot for for Japan Fashion Week.

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