Platform Fila Sneakers, Acid Wash, Pin Nap Vintage & Chanel in Harajuku

This is Li Lium, a buyer for Brand My Star at WEGO. We’ve shot Li Lium many times before starting way back in 2010.

Li Lium is wearing an Adidas sweatshirt which he bought from Pin Nap, with acid wash skinny jeans and a leather jacket featuring the American flag on the bag, both of which he bought from WEGO. He accessorized with Chanel necklaces (bought from Brand My Star), a cap, glasses and a bandana under the knee. His Fila platform sneakers are also from WEGO.

Li Lium told us that his favorite places to shop are Brand My Star, WEGO, Mouse are Pin Nap. Find out more in his personal Instagram.

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