Fashion Girls x Grimoire & Grog Grog Dolly-kei Style

These cute Japanese girls are both 18 years old and students at Bunka Fashion College. On the left is Ai, who’s wearing a long blue flowered dress from Grimoire and a blue crochet shawl. She’s carrying a black leather bag. Her favorite shops are both vintage stores favored by followers of Dolly-kei — Grimoire and Tarock.

The auburn-haired girl on the right is Shoko. Her white antique-style dress is from Grog Grog. She’s wearing a tan sweater and tan tights and carrying a cute brown purse. We think her black shoes look like dancing slippers. Shoko’s favorite shops are also Grimoire and Tarock.
Fashion Students with Dolly-kei style from Grimoire & Grog Grog

Flowered Grimoire dress and crochet shawl

Flowered dress, shawl and black bag

Grog Grog dress and brown handbag

Tan tights and black dance shoes

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  1. it’s kinda weird how there it’s considered really cute but if they wore that here people might think their dressing like grandmas

    the white dress is pretty cute though…

  2. I love it!
    @G-chan, if you’re in the States, I understand what you mean, people maybe would think that, but I think this is what makes Japanese style so great, is that these girls are really original, and not like everybody else and I think they still look great!

  3. Just noticed something else..Haven’t seen a lot of navy/dark blue in dolly-kei fashion. Really cool!!

    ** For anyone interested, check out my blog for street fashion ILLUSTRATIONS! :)

  4. I love the leather on that brown bag, and the robust structure of the bag. Her clothes are understated and graceful, but it kinda breaks down from the ankles… Her shoes look like they’re made for farmers, not big city streets. Thanks for the photos, keep them coming! :)

  5. Cute and sweet. Reminds me of the golden years when pioneer clothes were in fashion. I don’t think enough women are wearing clothes that make them feminine enough.
    But this ensamble works well…