Fashionable Japanese Guy in Banal Chic Bizarre Leather Jacket & Tokyo Bopper Boots in Harajuku

Hey everyone, it’s Li Lium! We see Li Lium around Harajuku all of the time. He was working at WEGO on Takeshita Dori, though we’re not sure if he still is. No matter where he’s working, Li Lium is a fashionable guy. His favorite fashion brand is Banal Chic Bizarre, and you rarely see him out on the street without something of theirs.

On this day, he’s wearing a leather jacket from Banal Chic Bizarre, a furry neck warmer, a plaid shirt, torn black jeans from Emperart, and cool platform boots from the Harajuku brand/shop Tokyo Bopper. He said that some of his accessories – including his pink and black sunglasses – are also from Banal Chic Bizarre. Li Lium told that most of his Banal Chic Bizarre items came from their shop in Harajuku (the name of the Banal Chic Bizarre Harajuku boutique is ADD), but that his Emperart jeans came from the Osaka ADD shop.

If you want to follow Li Lium’s fashion in real time, and if you can read Japanese, he has his own blog over at Zozo.

Tokyo Bopper Platform Boots in Harajuku

Banal Chic Bizarre Leather Jacket

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  1. He’s awesome! Woaahhh… if he wore a pair of DocMartens I’d love him even more. But it’s okay… he’s so fine <3

  2. He is fabulous but I would lose the PINK sunglasses (and maybe the furry collar) and switch to regular biker boots.

  3. I agree -Get ride of those boots and the Pinkish sunglasses and the collar!-Not a fan!

  4. andresuxxx

    No, he doesn’t need to get rid of anything. Don’t you guys get it, the whole point of his picture being on here is that he’s wearing all that crazy shit. He looks perfect :)

  5. and i like this canned coffee he was going to drink…:)
    boots are horrid, but guy seems so cool…

  6. Hehe, the boots are my favourite part xP I love Tokyo Bopper! c: