Felt Hat & Mary Quant Bag vs. Anna Sui Ruffled Dress

We stopped this cute couple while they were enjoying a treat in Harajuku. They are both self-described Furitas (freelancers). The guy on the left is Mori. His colorful top is from Sasquatch Fabrics and his tattered denim shorts are from a resale store. He’s also wearing Dr. Martens shoes and a black felt hat.

Mori’s large black bag is from Mary Quant. He said his accessories are handmade. Mori’s favorite brand is Undercover and his favorite music is from 80kidz.

The cute girl on the right with the bob haircut is Nagatomo. She’s wearing a ruffled white dress with black trim by Anna Sui with a black cardigan from a resale shop. Black tights, topstitched shoes and a large brown bag complete her outfit.

We couldn’t get Nagatomo to tell us about her favorite brand or music so we let her get back to her treat.
Japanese guy in hat & girl in ruffled Anna Suit dress

Top from Sasquatch Fabrics

Sasquatch Fabrics top & goofy necklace

Dr. Marten shoes

Anna Sui dress & black resale cardigan

Resale bag & cardigan

Black stockings & topstitched shoes

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  1. OMG this dress is just so beautiful! It’s so well matched with the black tights and cardigan. Really love it!

  2. the girl kinda looks like jessica from snsd :p Also looove that cute necklace the guy is wearing =D

  3. Nastia-chan

    guy looks like actor from japanese drama hana kimi O.O the one with powerss see moods O.O totally look alike