Yuuna and Miki are two 17-year-olds who we met in Harajuku recently.

Yuuna is the girl to the right, wearing a t-shirt, jacket and shorts from INGNI. Her white backpack is from WEGO, and her accessories are from Thank-You Mart: a chain choker, stud earrings, and tattoo tights. She is also wearing heeled cap toe ankle boots.

Miki is the girl in a beret, and she told us she’s a student. Her flames sweater is from Spinns, and her mini skirt is Cecil McBee. Her tote is American Apparel, and her heart choker is HELLCATPUNKS. She is also wearing a biker jacket, suspender fishnet stockings and platform sneakers. She told us she likes resale shops and that she’s on Twitter.

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  1. White sneakers *o* Where did she buy her shoes?!? I want them!! >//

  2. Does anyone know the name or brand of the white platform shoes?

  3. I rarely buy any shoes but I would kill for those white platforms, does anyone know where I could buy them???