Forever21 Skirt, Uniqlo Leggings & Gladiator Heels

We met this cute 19-year-old college student with long auburn hair in Harajuku. She’s wearing a bright pink cardigan from Anap and a black top from H&M. Her black and white graphic skirt is from Forever21. She’s also wearing bright blue leggings from Uniqlo.

Her accessories include rosary beads for a necklace, a belt with gold trim and a large black leather bag from a resale store. Her high-heel leather sandals have a gladiator feel, with straps up to the ankle and decorative metal studs.

We asked about her favorite brands and she said H&M and Topshop.
Forever21 Skirt, Uniqlo Leggings & Gladiator Heels

Japanese college student in pink Anap cardigan

Blue Uniqlo leggings and gladiator-style heels

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  1. cute outfit…but on a side note, Wired Cafe is so delish!

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