Freitag Bags x Mori Art Museum

Popular Swiss bag company Freitag is teaming up with Tokyo’s Mori Art Museum to create some unique, and recycling-friendly, shopping bags.

Freitag is famous for making bags using old graphical truck tarps, assuring that every bag is different than the next. You regularly see the brand’s various designs on the backs of bicycle messengers and hipsters all over Harajuku, Shibuya, Shinjuku, and other areas of Tokyo.

Freitag Bags

For their upcoming collaboration with the Mori Art Museum at Roppongi Hills, Freitag will replace their usual truck tarps with museum banners. The banners being used come from the Mori shows “Chalo! India: A new era of Indian Art” and “Annette Messager: The Messengers”. The limited edition bags will be based on the existing Freitag “Miami Vice” shopping bag design, which is similar to the look of a paper bag.

Freitag x Mori Art Museum Bags

The Freitag x Mori Art Museum limited edition bags will go on sale on August 13, 2009 at the Freitag website and should also be available at the Mori Art Museum gift shop.

Freitag x Mori Art Museum

Freitag Bags x Mori Art Museum

Japanese Freitag Bags

Mori Art Museum Bags

Freitag Limited Edition Bags

Besides the Mori Bags, Freitag will also be releasing collaboration bags with the Tate Modern in London, Palazzo Grassi in Venice, and MoCA in Los Angeles. For more info, check their official website.

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