FRUiTS Mix vs. Christopher Nemeth Style in Harajuku

This stylish Japanese girl and guy were photographed in Harajuku. Both work in the Japanese fashion industry. The girl’s name is Aami, and she works with the famous Japanese fashion magazine FRUiTS. The guy is named Tacos, and he works with Rafmelty.

Aami – who we have photographed previously – is wearing a multi-layered outfit, much of which she said came from vintage and resale shops. We always love Aami’s cute hairstyles – and on this day she had her hair wrapped up in a cute red bow. Her skirt is from ADD. She got her platform sneakers at Nadia. Re-emphasizing the layered look of her clothing, she’s also carrying multiple handbags – one from Marc Jacobs and the other from Corto Moltedo. She said her favorite music comes from Kitsune.

Tacos is wearing an outfit with kind of a retro-futuristic-cowboy (is that possible?) vibe to it. Like Aami, parts of his outfit came from vintage and resale shops around Tokyo. Mixed in with the vintage stuff are pieces from the Harajuku-based designer Christopher Nemeth. Tacos is carrying a handbag from Corto Moltedo. He told us that two of his favorite shops/brands are Nozomi and Destination.

Harajuku Street Style

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  1. Wow! The two girls are so outrageously dress. I kind of like it but not so much.

  2. I love their looks so much! The guy’s outfit is insanely brilliantly genius! Sort of steampunked, Victorian cowboy. This has cheered up my Friday morning no end!

  3. They look amazing…one of the reasons I love Japan…I mean…thte imagination required to create this look is just beyond my simple comprehension XD Love them!

  4. The definition of being overdressed and going over the top. The guy is actually pretty cute why does he feel the need to hide behind all those rags.

  5. isn’t that the cheerleader girl whose pic was posted here a little while ago? same sneakers and leggings ^^;;

  6. Their outfits are really perfect. I don’t think there’s anything wrong. ;]

  7. Victor Edward Leong

    Agreed!….Definatelly a steam punked Victorian cowboy!

    The girl looks like Gothic Snow white.- Love those shoes!

  8. omg i love them, i want to marry them. they’re like gorgeous vagabonds. im currently obsessed with gunslingers in all forms so im madly in love with his look!! <3

  9. the guy outfit is AMAIZING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I want to be guy just to wear that