G2? Mio in Tarock Top & Wedge Sandals from Lucy

This is 21-year-old Mio, a G2? employee. She’s wearing a cute chiffon top from Tarock over a tiered cotton skirt that she bought at a resale shop. Her wedge sandals (worn with white ankle socks) are from Lucy. Her accessories include a vintage hat and a tiny gold ring.

Mio told us that her favorite fashion source is G2? and her favorite type of music is anisong.

If you read Japanese you can follow Mio on Twitter.

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  1. those are some creamy delicious legs. wish she would stand up straight

  2. Being fashionable in Japan is easy and not to mention, very affordable. :D

  3. So many pretty little details – what a lovely ensemble!

  4. I usually don’t agree with socks & sandals but she’s pulling it off well.