Galaxxxy Style, Hair Bow & Q-pot Jewelry in Harajuku

We met this cute & stylish Japanese girl in Harajuku. Her name is Osuka and she’s a college student. She’s put together an outfit from mostly Galaxxxy clothing, including a long graphic t-shirt, slashed leggings and a red bolero jacket with black trim. Her accessories include a black leather bag and a large polka dot net hair bow (cute!). She’s wearing a plastic flower ring and an ice cream ring from Q-pot.

Osuka’s favorite shop and label are Galaxxxy and Candy Stripper. She likes music from the punk and emo genres.
Galaxxxy Style, Hair Bow & Q-pot Jewelry in Harajuku

Red & black bolero with polka dot hair bow

Japanese girl with lage polka dot net hair bow

Galaxxxy leggings and big leather bag

Flower ring & Q-Pot ice cream ring

Red & orange shoes with Galaxxxy leggings

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  1. She’s gorgeeeouuuuus and her leggings are soooo cute!
    Oooh and in the fourth picture, the girl walking behind her – her outfit is cute too! :3
    Jelous! D;

  2. Love her outfit! This is something I would totally wear.
    Minus the bow, maybe.

  3. @Mae I understand what you mean! Really, in Harajuku, there are people with amazing style walking EVERYWHERE. The ones usually snapped are people that are not only unique to people outside of Japan, but something different even for Tokyo. I think you would be impressed by a lot of the people on the street that many times street fashion photographers would overlook.

    Speaking of the photographed person, she is BEAUTIFUL! What awesome style.

  4. Lady Caos

    Look is gorgeous (even if I’m not 100% convinced about the shoes) and she’s super pretty!!!

  5. She should really take care of her right foot >___<
    Getting the right shoesizes in Japan can be hard sometimes but you wouldn't want to walk around with a deformed big toe for the rest of your life :(

  6. wow, are her eyes actually naturally shaped like that? damn!
    she looks amazing until you get to the shoes… i feel uncomfortable just looking at them. D: take care of your feet, girl!

  7. omg! I love the ice cream ring! (and her style ofcourse! ^^)

  8. LOVE her outfit, especially the leggings and rings

  9. cute gal w/ her own unique sense of style…however, I can see a bunion going on w/ the right foot. :/