Gerlan Jeans Floral Sweatshirt w/ Kinji Jacket, The Circus Harajuku & Tamagotchi

Elleanor works at The Circus Harajuku and she’s 19 years old. Find out more about her from her video blog, “Elleanor’s Tokyo“.

This time, she is wearing a teddy bear print jacket from Kinji over a floral sweatshirt from Gerlan Jeans and wave woodprint print leggings. Her tote bag is from hnnhn and her sneakers are New Balance, worn with gummy bear print socks. She told us that her accessories are from Brooklyn Charm, and we noticed a cute headband, cat, horse and ice-cream studs, a Tamagotchi and sock necklace, golden rings and colorful nail art.

Elleanor likes the Japanese brand Jenny Fax and she’s a Dempagumi.Inc fan. Find her on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or Tumblr.

These snaps were initially posted to for a Japan Fashion Week street style story.

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  1. Her again… I book marked her video blog but haven’t looked at it yet. She’s very cool.