“Elleanor’s Tokyo” – New English-Language Harajuku Video Blog

Elleanor is a 19-year-old Japanese girl who spends much of her life in Harajuku. In addition to working at two popular Harajuku clothing shops, she is regularly street snapped by Japanese fashion magazines and street style websites. When we first met Elleanor in Harajuku well over a year ago, we were impressed not only by her fashion, but also by her fun personality.

Elleanor speaks fluent English as a result of spending several years of her childhood in Singapore. Her English-language posts on Twitter and Instagram led Elleanor to make friends with fans of Japanese street fashion all over the world. While talking to Elleanor on the street in Harajuku, she expressed interest in sharing her life with other people who – like her – love Harajuku. We’re very proud to announce that these discussions led to the launch of Elleanor’s own weekly YouTube video blog – Welcome to “Elleanor’s Tokyo”!

Meet Elleanor – Elleanor’s Tokyo Ep. 1

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Bedroom Tour, Tokyo Snow & Working in Harajuku – Elleanor’s Tokyo Ep. 2

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Favorite Harajuku Cafe, Valentine’s Day & Big News – Elleanor’s Tokyo Ep. 3

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Elleanor will be making a new video blog every week where she’ll talk about her life in Harajuku, her favorite things, Japanese fashion (she especially loves resale), music (her favorite artists are Dempagumi.inc & Kyary), and anything else that’s on her mind. Elleanor is also happy to answer questions about Harajuku or Japanese culture, so feel free to follow her on her personal Instagram or Twitter.

Thank you for watching “Elleanor’s Tokyo” and please remember to subscribe to the Tokyo Fashion YouTube Channel so that you don’t miss any future videos.

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  1. She’s so cuute!!! And she isn’t acting! Like those japanese girls who act all “kawaii” making annoying voices but actually eat their meals with their mouth all open when there’s any camera around.
    I loved her blog ~ ♥

  2. Lovely blog! Good content and impressive clarity. I also like how Elleanor is being herself and speaking normally. It’s really refreshing and interesting to hear her perspective. Looking forward to learning more, thank you! ^^

  3. Cookie-Chan

    I love her videos!! Wish she could update more often.

  4. Michael Miro

    Eleanor is so real and genuine. No pretension at all. It is wonderful to hear her voice, it is so sweet.

  5. Love her so much, she’s such a kind girl~ Her twitter is active! @Elleanor_deFOB

  6. I love Elleanor !! Her videos are awesome, plus i totally love her look and her taste . Please make more videos !!!! ~ <3

  7. dinki pixi

    J’adooooooore son blog ^w^ elle trop géniale cette fille, j’espère qu’elle vas avoir du succès <3<3 gg elleanor :D

  8. It’s so easy to watch Elleanor’s blogs. Btw she said something about being insecure about her “Singlish”. I think her Singaporean accent is pretty. I can’t comment on Youtube so please somebody who can let her know this! Thanks.