Giant Converse Sneaker Appears in Tokyo for Earthquake Relief

There are many positive things happening around Tokyo to benefit the victims of the recent earthquake and tsunami. One of the more attention-getting quake-related events this week was the appearance of a giant Converse All-Star sneaker in front of the Aoyama Children’s Castle. You might wonder how a 16-foot-long (5-meter) shoe can help Japan recover from one of the worst natural disasters in recent history – as did we!

Giant Converse Sneaker in Tokyo

The giant Chuck Taylor Converse All-Star came to Aoyama as part of a fund-raising collaboration between the footwear maker and Jack Black’s movie “Gulliver’s Travels”. The 3-D movie just opened in Japan. Following the tragedy that struck the country two weeks ago, the film’s promoters launched a drive to raise money for those affected in the Tohoku area. The special event at the Aoyama Children’s Castle features Gulliver’s giant Converse sneaker outside (in the shadow of the famous Taro Okamoto “Tree of Children” sculpture), as well as a related “Adventure Tour” exhibition inside of the venue. Donations are accepted at both locations.

In addition to the fundraising drive – and because children are the movie’s main audience – kids who visit the exhibition are invited to write words of hope and encouragement for earthquake victims directly on the giant shoe. It’s touching to walk around the sneaker and see the cute messages and artwork concerned Tokyo children have left for earthquake and tsunami victims. “FIGHT!”, “Ganbatte!”, “Pray For Japan”, and smiley faces are recurring themes.

We took a few close-up photos of various parts of the giant Converse so you could actually read the messages of encouragement for yourself. You’ll probably want to click on the pictures to blow them up to full-size for best reading.

Click any of our giant sneaker pictures to enlarge them.

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  2. This drawings and words on this… It’s really touching.
    It’s like a shoe of hope. Love it.
    It makes me smile a lot ;)

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