Girl in Military Coat w/ HellcatPunks Bag in Harajuku

This Japanese girl carrying an ANAP shopping bag was photographed in Harajuku. Her facial expression in these pictures is awesome – she’s cute, but she looks tough as well. She wearing a cap, a mods coat (military parka) from Nice Claup, a hoodie from ANAP, a t-shirt from Thank You Mart, denim shorts from ANAP, black tights, and moccasins. Her accessories include multiple earrings, an iPod shuffle, headphones, a teddy bear head from Suzy’s Zoo, and a handbag from HellcatPunks. She said that her favorite types of music are techno and eurobeat.

Harajuku Girls Street Fashion

Japanese Girl in Military Coat

Hellcat Punks Handbag in Harajuku

Japanese Girl With Short Hair

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  1. Her outfit is nice, but i don’t like her shoes, both style and its colour. She should have worn a black or grey shoes!

  2. Again I find it amusing that even with a tomboy outfit like that, she’s still wearing makeups (and fake lashes!), although carefully put to create a nude face look. It seems that girls have to always put on makeup (peer pressure?), CMIIW.

    Overall I love her choice of clothes, but I do think she should change the moccasins into a pair of black sneakers to make it more… er, whole.

  3. I like her outfit. Very nice and really suit her. But her eyes look kind of scary.