Girl in Rainbow Glasses, Drop Crotch Pants & Crocs

We met this cute and funky Japanese girl in Harajuku and knew we had to get some pictures of her. Sensan is a 16-year-old student who has combined Uniqlo clothing and vintage items to create a truly unique style statement. Her yellow windbreaker jacket sets off her polka dot and striped drop crotch (sarueru) pants. She’s wearing Crocs – a brand we don’t see too often on Tokyo hipsters – and her blue print Life Spirit backpack is from a Harajuku resale store. Retro rainbow glasses, long eyelashes and a cute hairstyle are the finishing touches on her outfit.

Sensan is wearing earphones and a music player so she can listen to Asian Kung-Fu Generation and Aqua Timez.

Girls with Big Rainbow Glasses, Uni-glo and Crocs

Yellow Uni-glo jacket and rainbow glasses

Vintage backpack and Uni-glo jacket

Rainbow glasses and headphones

Polka dot pants and Crocs

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  1. She’s so adorable :)
    I love the glasses and the blue backpack against the yellow mac.

    The only thing I don’t like is her lipstick colour, I think a pillarbox red would look nicer, but yknow, she still looks lovely :)

  2. I like her bag. The rest is a bit too frightful for me :)

  3. they are not devils, i’m sure that :) dont be afraid of them, they are funny :) and her favorite is them