Girl with Fur Collar, Print Tights & Barbie Bag

This cute 16-year-old high school student is Ishidou. Her outfit includes a t-shirt from Shibuya 109 and a black jacket. Under her jackets is a pink cardigan from Shinjuku Alta.

Ishidou’s fur collar is from a resale shop named Hanjiro. She’s also wearing a denim skirt and printed white tights from Nadia with aqua Converse shoes. She’s carrying a printed fabric bag with a Barbie logo

Ishidou told us her favorite fashion brand is Nadia. She likes the music of Radwimps and Yuki.
Girl with Fur Collar, Print Tights & Barbie Bag

Fur collar from Hanjiro resale

Barbie bag

Nadia print tights & aqua Converse shoes

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  1. hihi sweet girl style…i like her hair..little bun bun ~

  2. she is so cute, but she looks older than 16! O.O not a bad thing though =)
    as always I love the tights!

  3. She’s really pretty! And I love her circle lens! And her style :)

  4. Madonna Lily

    She’s wearing circle lenses too???everybody uses them
    but me U_U

    I love every piece of her outfit, specialty her bag, i <3 barbie

  5. she is lovely I must admit…
    her outfit is cute too but
    if she wears heavy boots, like Martens or so, all will look more define
    cool tights

  6. she is cool – i want shop at Shibuya 109 so bad!!! soo many cool items seem come from there…….