Girls’ Casual Style from Kawi Jamele, Topshop & Naichichi

Here are two cute girls with casual style that we met in Harajuku. On the right is Manami, a 22 year old who works in the apparel industry. She’s wearing a denim vest from Kawi Jamele with Topshop pleather leggings and a black chunky knit sweater. Her stylish studded leather shoes are from Shagadelic and her fringed purse is from Moussy. She’s also carrying a reptile-print shoulder bag.

Manami’s accessories from Kitson and Justin Davis include a two-finger Peace ring, a signet ring, a coin necklace, two bracelets with religious icons and an oversized Tendence watch. She’s also wearing Ray-Ban sunglasses and Chanel logo earrings. A scarf in her hair and a longer knit scarf around her neck complete her look.

The girl on the left with auburn hair is 21-year-old Yurika. Her outfit includes a white graphic t-shirt, a khaki coat with zipper from Naichichi, animal print leggings and short boots from Jeffrey Campbell. Her blue purse is from Balenciaga.

We asked the girls about some of their preferences. Manami said she likes to shop at Sly and Topshop and that her favorite type of music is R&B. Yurika also said that she likes Topshop.

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  1. like how this girls dress… look simple dress but sweet…

  2. yea!! the animal print is great
    it’s all about moderation haha

  3. I like the vest of the girl in the right, sweater and the scarf. The girl on the left’s coat is awesome and her shoes, both are pretty cool outfits ^^