Girls’ Gelato Pique Chiffon Dresses, Jouetie Coat & Jeanasis Sweater

Here are two cute girls in chiffon dresses from Gelato Pique. The girl on the right is Haruka, a 20-year-old student who works in the apparel business. She’s wearing a pink coat from Jouetie over an American Apparel top and a pair of Snidel shorts. Her oxford shoes are from Dr. Martens and her black purse is from Ferragamo.

The girl on the left is Yuri, a 20-year-old apparel worker. She’s wearing a cable sweater from Jeanasis, a New York top from Snidel and shorts from Jouetie. Her amazing kitty bag is from AHCAHCUM.muchacha. She’s also wearing graphic tights and studded platform loafers from Marua. Yuri’s accessories include silver cross earrings, a blue scarf worn as a headband, a Killer badge from Jouetie and two Barbie buttons.

We asked the girls about their favorite fashion sources and music. Haruku said she likes Jouetie and Backstreet Boys, while Yuri mentioned Jouetie, Nadia and One OK Rock.

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  1. Dreaded Queen

    Awww so sweet and dainty. Really cute! Love the dresses and the different layering

  2. One Ok Rock?
    As if I couldn’t love the girls anymore!>w<

  3. They are so cute and happy! I love the outfits and their confidence. :)