Girl’s Hell Bunny Sundress, Remade Quilted Purse & Studded Ballet Flats

This is Mikutimu, wearing a cute sundress from Hell Bunny and a lace-trimmed tank top. She’s also wearing studded flat ballet shoes and carrying a quilted purse that’s been remade with felt appliqu├ęs and pop art buttons.

Mikutimu’s accessories include a red scrunchie in her hair, a hoop earring and a long earring made from plastic stars, silver beads and a yellow feather. She’s wearing several silver rings and bangles and has black, red and jeweled fingernails. She also has an eye-catching bracelet made from a studded Levi denim jacket cuff.

Bunny Sundress, Remade Quilted Purse & Studded Ballet Flats
Lacy tank top under sundress
Red scrunchie, long earring & feather
Studded denim cuff & silver jewelry
Remade quilted purse
Studded ballet flats

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  1. a bluejean cuff?….never thought about that b4…NICE! :D

  2. I want her crown ring!! =)) She is cute and yet very “simple” in both her looks and accessories for a Japanese street style =)

  3. marjolein

    hey does anybody notice the tattoo on her foot?