This smart-looking guy named Koyama is a student as well as the director of a Web snap magazine named Antenna. He’s wearing a polka dot oxford shirt from the Midwest shop with black shorts from a resale store. He’s also wearing black wingtip shoes and black, red and white argyle socks. His large red bag adds a bright touch of color to his look.

Koyama’s favorite designer label is Comme des Garcons and his favorite music genre is electro.
Glasses & polka dot shirt

Midwest shirt & large red bag

Argyle socks & wingtips

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  1. He kind of reminds me of Eita, looking at him like that! ^_^
    His shirt is really cute, and the shoes, they’re gorgeous!

  2. I really like his style, great shots!
    Anyway, Ashley, do you think that this boy is a “nerd” just because of his glasses? Oh Lord…

  3. This bag is crazy! I wanna have something like this… but these shoes + socks ~~> omg…. but it suits his otaku-like style ^^
    I like it!

  4. I like it. Nerd or not he had fun with it and personalized his own fashion statement, that in itself should be appreciated.