God Kyohei from Spinns Harajuku in SPX Platform Sneakers

Here is someone who many fans of Harajuku street fashion will recognize instantly – it’s Kyohei, the director of Spinns Harajuku! Besides guiding the phenomenal growth of Spinns Harajuku, Kyohei has also been a key player in the rise of several popular Harajuku fashion models (not the least of whom is Kyary Pamyu Pamyu herself). Because his long hair reminds some Japanese people of images of Jesus, Kyohei’s nickname in Japan is “God”. Spinns even has a fashion brand called “God Harajuku” with items featuring Kyohei’s likeness.

Kyohei is wearing a DKNY t-shirt with Cheap Monday skinny jeans and yellow SPX platform sneakers. Accessories include a knit hat, a cross necklace, a studded leather bracelet, and a gold ring with mouse ears.

Kyohei’s favorite shop is – of course – Spinns Harajuku. If you’d like to know more about his, check out Kyohei on Twitter.

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