Golden Bomber Fans Gachapin Cosplay in Harajuku

We don’t publish much cosplay, but these two girls we spotted wearing Gachapin and Mukku costumes in Harajuku were really fun. We thought that their positivity and bright colors fit in with the spirit of the MIGHTY HARAJUKU Project that we’ve been supporting in the wake of the recent earthquake.

Both girls – Sakura & Kyan – are Japanese junior high school students. Both bought their Gachapin costumes at Don Quijote. In case you don’t know, Don Quijote is a famous Japanese department store that sells lots of strange things you never knew you needed. Both of the girls are also wearing t-shirts from Tamiya, as well as handmade masks with colors that look very similar to the Tamiya logo, each with slightly different text on them (one says “do-s” and the other says “do-m”).

Both of the girls told us that their favorite music is by the Japanese visual kei band Golden Bomber. Like many fans of Golden Bomber, they both like the Tamiya Corporation.

Click any of the street snaps to enlarge them.

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  1. Well, that’s one way to go out. I actually wouldn’t mind wearing a Barney look. Seriously.

    Cute and cool!

  2. wow so great, especially the green one, who doesn’t want to be some kind of an dinosaur?

  3. hmm… is this really a cosplay? I think this is fashion, too. Called “kigurumi” or is it just the name for this customs?

  4. I don’t know if I would call wearing kigurumi cosplay.

  5. sara paris

    cosplay great, fun and quite interesting for western people, its whats great about japanese culture, i really don’t understand the granny clothes.

  6. Hayley-Renee

    Is This waht ppl from Tokyo REALLY look like everyday?!?!?!? AHMAZING i cant wait to go there!!!! but im only 13 so im gonna have to wait…. :D

  7. It looks cool for a cold weather, I want the godzilla one