Gothic Harajuku Fashion w/ Algonquins & Metamorphose Black Lace

Yukka and Yuki were both wearing gothic all-black outfits when we noticed them in Harajuku. Yukka went for an androgynous look, while Yuki opted for a romantic and feminine outfit. You might recognize Yukka from the modeling work she’s done for various Japanese magazines and fashion brands.

Yukka is wearing a long sleeve top with cutout shoulders and zippers (from Algonquins) paired with torn skinny jeans. Her military style lace-up boots were an online purchase and her bag is Vivienne Westwood. Her accessories are from Bloody Mary and Crazy Pig: silver rings (some with skulls) and a long pendant necklace. Yukka is donning short brown hair, and loves shopping at Algonquins and Ghost of Harlem. Her favorite music is L’Arc-en-Ciel and rock in general, and you can find her on Twitter as @letitrock69.

Yuki is wearing a lace top with bows and a ruffle skirt, both from Metamorphose. She matched them with lace gloves and tights, as well as a lace headband tied with a ribbon under the chin. She has long, platinum blonde hair, rhinestones under her eyes, and blue contacts. She’s also wearing black Mary Janes, and she told us that Alice and the Pirates is her favorite place to shop. When it comes to music, classical is her favorite style.

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  1. The girl on the left is so kawaii! Beautiful dress and amazing wig and make-up!

  2. Dreaded Queen

    That dress is Amazing!!!! Love the lace and all the details also live the algonquins top!!!

  3. samantha ozpunk

    Tokyo fashion gotta love it. your strikingly beautiful.

  4. Damn, they look amazing. Beautiful and elegant on the left. Fierce and stunning on the right. :D

  5. Left is kawaii and innocent while the right is elegant and stunning

  6. brinnstigator

    they both know what they’re doing n_n they look great and well put together!! <3