Gothic Lolita in Harajuku w/ Hangry&Angry Heart Bag & Frill

This is Alumi, a friendly Harajuku lolita who we see around the streets quite often.

Alumi’s top and skirt are from Frill, and they both have ruffles and lace details. Her lace heart bag is from Hangry & Angry. Her heeled oxfords are from Yosuke, and she’s wearing them with striped tights. She told us her katyusha (head piece) is from Hn+nois.

Alumi is a fan of h.NAOTO for shopping and T.M.Revolution for music. You can check her blog for regular updates.

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  1. For those wondering, “Frill” is a sub-brand of H.Naoto.

  2. PikaNinja

    Love those shoes!! Where can you find them? (: