Gothic Harajuku Style w/ Antique Coat, Purple Makeup, Kazuko Ogawa & Alice Auaa

This is Awabimeshi, who you might remember from her previous Harajuku street snaps. When we spotted her this time, she was wearing a dark outfit and dramatic purple makeup.

Awabimeshi long fur coat is an antique piece, and she’s wearing it over a Kazuko Ogawa lace dress and eerie-eery tights. She is also wearing leather gloves, a choker and rings from Alice Auaa and Abilletage. The bag is also antique, featuring a vintage animal fur. Her pointy ankle strap shoes are Yosuke.

Awabimeshi told us she is a fan of the Japanese rock band Dir en Grey.

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  1. I loved the tights and couldn’t find a properly resource. Anybody knows where to find them online? :C