Graphic T-shirt & Maxi Skirt With Creepers in Harajuku

Even though her t-shirt read “Leave Me Alone”, we just had to stop Yuna for some pictures in Harajuku! She’s a 22-year old freeter (part time worker), and was wearing cute bows in her hair buns when we met.

Yuna wears a graphic t-shirt with neon stripes from her favorite brand, World Wide Love, together with a semi-sheer ankle length skirt in black, and studded creepers with lace ruffle socks. But it’s her accessories that make her stand out: a canvas bag with handwriting print, to which she added a lilac bow, a chunky animal print cross necklace, star shaped skull earrings, rings and a wrap-around stud bracelet. Her nail polish is slightly mismatched, in pastel pink and gold glitter.

Yuna told us that her favorite band is Fact.

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