Green Bangs Hairstyle, Sheer Skirt, Graphic Tights & Hello Kitty in Koenji

Mone is a 19-year-old Japanese fashion student who we met on the street near Koenji Station.

In addition to her blue-green hair, Mone’s look features a GU coat with an H&M sheer skirt, graphic tights (with eyes and lips on them), and platform shoes that she purchased in Harajuku. Accessories include a Nightmare Before Christmas ring, several cute charms (Hello Kitty is one of them), and a leather purse.

Her favorite shop is Matching Mole and she enjoys the music of Kaiten Hyakume. For more info, find Mone on Twitter!

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  1. Love your hair,looks great with that outfit, and oh my god i love the tights xxxx so cute