Green Hair, Oversized Acid Wash Jacket & Choco Moo Tights in Harajuku

Here’s Chipa, a friendly aqua-green-haired girl who we see around the streets of Harajuku often recently. You might remember her previous blonde-green hairstyle.

Chipa is wearing an oversized acid wash denim jacket over a cable knit sweater dress, Choco Moo x Avantgarde Harajuku “Luv” “Hate” tights with fishnets, and maroon Tokyo Bopper platforms with a custom strap. Accessories include a simple canvas bag and a turquoise scarf.

If you’d like to know more about Chipa, you can follow her on Twitter.

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  1. wow! am i dreaming? she’s so beautiful. hair color is amazing!!

  2. I’m quickly gravitating towards this girl and everything she wears. Her hair looks so fresh and I love the idea of the two tights; its really dynamic.

  3. This is so me! Except my hair isn’t perfect like hers.

  4. girl has lovely face but …i had seen such jackets in 80ties a lot….pls pls…never come back!!! ;)
    still…the girl is cute
    if she just take off this bloody jacket…@[email protected]

  5. That hair is to dye for….haha sorry. And i love those shoes .n__n.

  6. ますみ

    She mastered everything so well I have the urge to call
    her Chipa-sama! Ha-ha! Even though she died her hair it
    looks so amazingly healthy. I want her clothes so bad!
    A few years ago I threw away my dad’s acid wash jacket
    and now I regret it! Heavenly to sum her look up.
    She’s beautiful too~ (*´∀`)

  7. The hair color, the jacket, the scarf…everything matches perfectly!