Green Hair vs Blonde Hair & Butterflies w/ Hello Kitty & Ultraman in Harajuku

Yappi and Ameri are two friendly girls who work at Spinns in Harajuku. We met them near the famous Takeshita Street (where one of the Spinns is located) after dark.

Yappi – on the left with blonde hair – is wearing a leopard print jacket from Nishikaigan over a sweater from World Used Market with acid wash pants (also from World Used Market) and Buffalo platform shoes. Accessories – some of which are handmade – include pretty butterfly hair clips, a knit scarf, and an Ultraman backpack which she picked up at Longabu. Yappi likes shopping at World Used Market and she enjoys the music of Japanese singer Kaela Kimura. For more info, find Yappi on Twitter or Instagram.

Ameri – on the right with green hair – is wearing an oversized jacket from Thank-You Mart over a Kinji resale one piece, and Vans sneakers from Spinns. Accessories include lots of retro pins, a hat, and a Hello Kitty backpack from a recycle shop. Ameri’s favorite places to buy fashion are Spinns and Kinji. She likes the music of Avril Lavigne and 3B Lab. Find out more about Ameri on Twitter or Instagram.

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