Green Haired Harajuku Girl in UNIF Biker Jacket, Nincompoop Capacity & YRU

This is Momoko, a 20-year-old girl with green hair who we spotted in Harajuku. You might remember her from previous street snaps where she had different colored hair.

Momoko is wearing a biker jacket with animal print sleeves from UNIF over a black t-shirt from WEGO and Uniqlo skinny jeans. Her tote bag is from Nincompoop Capacity and her ribbon lace-up platform heels are YRU. She accessorized with stretched ear gauges, a labret piercing, and a Vivienne Westwood pendant necklace.

Momoko told us she likes shopping at Dog Harajuku and Nincompoop Capacity and she likes listening to Shiina Ringo. To find out more, visit her on Twitter or Instagram.

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  1. Love it! Great colors and love the shoes! <3