Grimoire Heri in Beautiful Dolly Kei Fashion w/ Corset & Crucifix

This is Heri, the well-known shop girl from the Shibuya vintage shop Grimoire. You may remember Heri from our report – with amazing pictures – on the recent Grimoire 3rd Anniversary Party.

Heri’s beautiful outfit consists exclusively of items that came from the main Grimoire shop in Shibuya. Some of the featured items include a vintage corset with tassels over a flower-print dress, a vintage hat, a playing card earring, a large wooden crucifix necklace and a theatrical mask necklace, several vintage pins, a gorgeous vintage-style bracelet, a vintage ring, knit leggings (or socks), and vintage black heels. There are many more details you can see by looking at the high resolution pictures. Heri told us that her favorite fashion brand is Grimoire (of course) and she enjoys listening to Irish music.

These street snaps of Heri were shot back in 2010, but they were on hold for a magazine project. Since the magazine didn’t need some of the photos, we’re publishing the remaining pictures here on The fact that the photos are from last year gives us a chance to notice some details where Grimoire (and Dolly Kei in general) was ahead of fashion trends in Tokyo. This spring and summer, we are seeing wooden cross necklaces and vintage pins everywhere, but Heri was wearing them last year. Dolly Kei has been incredibly influentially on Tokyo street fashion in the last few years considering how few people are actually heavily involved in the scene, and considering that all of the major Dolly Kei shops are tiny.

Click any of the street snaps to enlarge them.

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  1. She’s cute! Love her dress! It’s such a beautiful colour and so unique :)

  2. So kawai~ she actually pulls off wearing floral with floral, with more floral, and other patterns.. ;3

  3. NinetyNine99s

    Heri is so beautiful. ♥ I love her outfit. I wish you had a blog address for her. I wonder if she likes Loreena McKennitt? I would love to see more of her design creations. おかげで。

  4. really nice!!! I love the dress, earrings and hat! Adorable <3

  5. tokyo

    For those of you that want to know more about her, or see what she’s wearing on random days, Heri posts on the Grimoire blog here:
    The other Grimoire girls also post there, so it’s a good resource for Dolly Kei fans. :-)

  6. I love the hat and tights. Are they tights??? Eh whatever it’s a pretty outfit!! :DD

  7. she looks so awesome she pull the look off very well :)

  8. Oh so pretty love the fabric, she makes me smile

  9. Very Gypsy-ish, I love it. Her accessories rock!

  10. Her outfit is so pretty, I want her leggings! She’s cute too.

  11. She looks so “gorges” <<– lol. 100 out of 100~
    the hat is so awesome ~

  12. NinetyNine99s

    Heri’s blog is like her outfit: creative, delicate and beautiful. I wonder if she likes Stevie Nicks also (but not Irish)?

  13. the girl seems a bit cute ,but something reminds me of the movie ET….lol

  14. I love her hat and dress and outfit…… XD

    However,herself also looks so beautiful …. <3